Global Aviation Consulting is also a global air cargo charter brokerage. What makes a difference between us and many of our competitors is our size, global infrastructure and experience in cargo chartering. We offer a full range of cargo aircraft, from small turbo-props and jets for urgent operations, to outsize cargo on large freighters.

What we offer:

  • Heavy & outsize cargo: We know that in order to commit the challenging procedure of transporting outsized and heavy cargo, it is necessary the right skill and expertise. With our detailed knowledge of volumes and loading abilities in cargo flights, GAC can arrange outsize and heavy cargo to be transported with the minimum of effort.
  • Remote destinations: Global Aviation Consulting has an extent experience in performing charter flights to destinations that are almost impossible to reach by regular services, whether that be simply an isolated location or a hostile environment. We have a comprehensive knowledge of appropriate operators to enter such regions and have an unrivaled network of contacts for permits and documentation.
  • Immediate departure cargo charter: Urgent charters are for those operations which are too urgent to use any other method of transport. When mechanical parts are required to keep the production line working, or an aircraft piece needs to be delivered to assist a stranded aircraft with a technical problem, we will be ready to take off. With our Satellite Track System information on the location of thousands of aircraft all over the globe, we always know where the most appropriate aircraft for the operation is and we will make sure to have your cargo in the air within an hour of confirmation. This type of operations are often used for such freight as:
  • Mechanical parts
  • Maritime
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • Aircraft parts
  • Medical equipment and supplies