Jet Charter

With a large and diverse number of charter aircraft currently flying all over the globe, our clients can always select the aircraft that better fits their preferences and necessities.

Global Aviation takes care of everything for you: from the catering and handling, to the crew, flight departure and FBO at arrival. We also arrange for you everything related to passenger and crew transportation and accommodation, providing a 24/7 service.

Here are some examples of charter costs:

Category             Range (in miles)       Passengers       Hourly Rate


Turbo-Prop         1500-2000                 6-8                         $ 1400-1900


Light                     2100-2300                 4-7                         $ 2100-2900


Mid-Size               2200-3500                 7-8                         $ 3200-3600


Super Mid-Size   3000-4500                 8-10                       $ 3400-4600


Heavy                   3500-8000                 8-19                      $ 4200-8500