If you are looking for an honest aircraft ferry service cost proposal and are interested in having your aircraft flown by safe, dependable, professional, and experienced ferry pilots, who will treat the aircraft as their own, then we are the aircraft ferry service for you.

We care for our clients and our pilots. Our cost proposals do not have any hidden fees. Our ferry pilot proposals will either be a flat rate pilot fee + expenses or an all inclusive, no additional cost proposal. Our most important goals here at GAC are safety and consistent client satisfaction.

Global Aviation Consulting has unsurpassed professional flight planning. Our ferry pilots and flight planning specialists use up to date digital flight planning software provided by Jeppesen tools with worldwide IFR charts. Jeppesen Flitestar/Flitemap software provides our ferry pilots and flight planning specialists with the most accurate routing data overlaid with Jeppesen’s low level oceanic weather data. Accurate weather helps our ferry pilots reduce unnecessary risks, find the best route, and prevent unnecessary delays. The Jeppview and Mobile TC software provides our pilots with current, up to date IFR approach plates and airport diagrams for almost any airport worldwide.

We ask that you plan your aircraft ferry as far ahead as possible, a minimum of 60 days in advance. To secure a ferry pilot for your requested aircraft pickup/delivery date, a retainer is required to hold a date on our schedule. Please place all deposits no less than 10 days from the proposed aircraft pickup date. The balance of the cost proposal is due prior to departure unless other arrangements have been made. This makes everything easier for all parties involved.

Global Aviation Consulting is a recognized leader in the export and ferry of general aviation aircraft all over the world. We offer you a single source for ferrying your aircraft from its point of origin to a destination anywhere in the world.

When you contract with Global Aviation Consulting to move your aircraft, you can rely on our experienced and safe ferry pilots to get the job done in a professional and timely manner at a reasonable cost.

All of Global Aviation Consulting professional ferry pilots hold FAA Commercial Pilot Certificates for single and multi engine aircraft with instrument ratings and have a minimum of 1,500+ hours total flight time and 10 or more Trans Oceanic crossings. All GAC ferry pilots will be qualified and current in the aircraft they are flying and will be insurable for trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific ferry flights. GAC has never lost an aircraft or a pilot. Safety is our number one priority.

Global Aviation Consulting has safe, professional ferry pilots. We do not hire, farm out or contract our ferry flights to career airline pilots, flight instructors that are time builders or others that are only seeking to be a weekend ferry pilots. Our pilots are career ferry pilots. Our professional ferry pilots know how to handle and expedite the resolution of any issue that may arise during the course of the ferry flight, whether it be bureaucratic, logistical, or mechanical.

Our ferry and contract pilots have logged thousands of hours in nearly every make/model aircraft, ranging from Cessna 150 to Boeing 747. Whatever the flight is, we have the ferry pilot for the job, with a 100% guarantee of success.