Aircraft Purchase & Lease

Buying an airplane is something most people dream about. But whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced aircraft owner, a successful purchase requires a clear understanding of the operation, sensitive consideration of the capabilities and limitations of both the pilot and the airplane, and a realistic understanding of the costs associated with owning an aircraft. Buying an airplane through GAC is a gratifying experience and you will become empowered with a new sense of freedom.

What type of ownership should I have?

Because we know that you have personal requirements and necessities, the first step in your relationship with Global Aviation is to decide which of these is in your best interest:

  • Sole ownership:

    This option offers the greatest amount of flexibility because you make all of the decisions pertaining to your aircraft. The plane is available whenever and wherever you need it. We highly recommend this option, especially if you are using your plane for business endeavors or if you are constantly traveling and desire the utmost privacy.

  • Partnership:

    This is a great option to decrease ownership costs. However, you need to choose your partners carefully. That is why we invite you to take advantage of our large Aircraft Owners Network. Global Aviation also offers you the option of working with one of our knowledgeable attorneys to help you devise a good agreement.

  • Leaseback:

    Leasing your airplane to one of our clients not only defers some of the cost of ownership, it can also become profitable in the long run. We know that leasing your airplane can seem daunting, so we can take care of the entire process for you. GAC will work with you to discover the leaseback opportunities in your area.

To learn more about types of aircraft ownership, please contact us.


Which aircraft should I choose?


  • Operation:

Choosing the “right” airplane depends on what your most frequent operation will be. Some people use their aircraft to facilitate business travel, so speed is important. Others use theirs for recreation and fun, so a low operating cost is their goal. Others travel to a vacation home loaded with kids, baggage and their family pet, so a useful load is critical. So you have to ask yourself: Where will you be visiting most often? Who and what are you planning to take on your trips? How important is speed? Do you need to fly in icy conditions? Once you have a good grasp on your typical operations, it will be easier for you to choose the right airplane, whether it be a Turbo-prop, Light, Mid, Super-Mid or Heavy Jet. Your Global Aviation sales representative will help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of each aircraft you are considering.

  • Cost:

For most people, the cost of aircraft ownership is of critical consideration. While the purchase price of an aircraft is significant, in the long run, other costs can end up being more important. That is why knowing your total cost of ownership is so important.

  • Desirability:

This is the final consideration. Owning an airplane is often the fulfillment of a dream. You want to buy an airplane that you are going to be proud to own. Although choosing an aircraft can seem daunting, do not forget to envision your final goal. That of owning the airplane of your dreams.

To learn more about what kind of aircraft is right for you, please contact us.