Aircraft Management

Global Aviation Consulting is a knowledgeable and reputable company in the aviation industry. We specialize in the coordination and management of executive aircraft, always focusing on the satisfaction and confidentiality of our clients. We work completely independently, without any pressure from manufacturers, operators or suppliers, which allows us to optimize customer resources. This is why we are able to offer our clients some of the best prices in the aircraft management industry.

We are able to guarantee our clients the reduction of their existing fixed costs for aircraft management between 25% and 50%, which therefore reduces variable costs as well.

In order to accomplish this, a detailed preliminary study of the current conditions of management and maintenance would be required. For this process, representatives of Global Aviation will personally travel to the bases where the airplanes are currently located to conduct the study and submit a quote. This process will take between 2 or 3 business days.

Some of the services provided by Global Aviation Consulting are:

– Maintenance planning, in conjunction with an aeronautical engineer, in order to predict and solve potential travel problems for you and the aircraft.

– Supervision and detailed review of the costs of maintenance performed on the aircraft, in order to reduce the current costs and increase the safety standard level.

– Supervision and monitoring of crew expenses, in order to carry out a strict control of the resources provided for each flight.

– 24/7 flight coordination service.

– Supervision of the costs for hangarage service in order to reduce the cost whenever possible.

– Management and integrated services planning for maintenance of aircraft engines and components, along with implementation of these modifications.

– Full control of technical records and guarantee programs of the aircraft, engines and components.

– Worldwide support by fuel companies.

– Monitoring procedures for payment of the aircraft’s annual insurance and engine maintenance program.

If you are interested in reducing your aircraft management costs, contact us for additional information.