Aircraft Sale

You may be thinking about selling your aircraft for a number of reasons: to upgrade to a more sophisticated aircraft, to buy an aircraft that is less expensive to own, to acquire a new, technologically-advanced aircraft, to buy something that is faster, goes further, has a larger weight capacity or is cheaper to operate…or to retire from flying altogether. The list of reasons are endless.

But in today’s market, selling an aircraft on your own is more risky than ever before. Buyers are looking for rock-bottom prices, so handling the sale by yourself means that, in all likelihood, you will be leaving money on the table. Equally risky is using a bargain-priced broker without properly trained personnel, a lack of experience, nonexistent prospect networks and/or insufficient negotiating stamina, all of which are crucial when selling an aircraft quickly at fair market value.

That is why you want to entrust your aircraft sale to Global Aviation Consulting. GAC has sold a large number of aircraft, many to repeat customers. GAC is sought out by buyers and sellers who are in the market today. We produce results.

How will Global Aviation market your Aircraft?

  • Photos and spec sheets on our highly-trafficked website and network.
  • Guaranteed placement online, the gold standard for advertising pre-owned aircraft and the source of 90% of leads generated by pre-owned aircraft advertising
  • E-mail blasts and targeted mailings to qualified prospects
  • Targeted personalized e-mails to qualified prospects
  • Personal calls to prospective buyers who are actively in the market

To learn more about how we can help sell your aircraft, please contact us.